Announcing our Financial Services Product Group

I am very pleased to announce the launch of 154 Consulting's Financial Services Product Group.

This new group within 154 Consulting will combine our message development and presentation advice services with financial services industry experience and a few new tools to help financial services companies, startups, and vendors develop and market their products in ways that speak clearly to customers' needs.

The FS product group offers a different set of services, at different rates, than our traditional business. The best way to learn more is to request a service description and rate card by completing this form.

I am also pleased to make the (deeply) related announcement that we will once again be partnering with the Finovate family of conferences this year. As in prior years, our principal will assist the Finovate team in coaching presenting companies on their demos.

With this launch, my role at 154 Consulting will shift somewhat. I will continue as the principal of the company and will work with some, but not all, of the clients in our traditional business. I will also be heading the Financial Services Product Group, and will be working with most of the clients of the new group.

To accommodate the launch of the FS product group, we are discontinuing our half-day presentation workshops. Clients seeking training for their team should contact us about configuring a sixty to ninety minute "presentation about presentations" to meet that need.

There will be more news regarding the new Financial Services Product Group and our work with Finovate in the coming weeks. We're excited for what's next.

If you have any questions about the new group or what it means for 154 Consulting, please feel free to email me directly at John at 154 Consulting dot com.

John Fishback
Principal, 154 Consulting