Finovate Partnership

154 Consulting is pleased to partner with the Finovate2009 and FinovateStartup conferences. The Finovate conferences feature the best in new financial and banking technology, presented in seven-minute demos.

One of Finovate's key rules is "No PowerPoint." So what is a Presentation Consulting firm doing as a partner?

We're helping companies ensure that their demo is on message and tailored for the conference and the audience they wish to reach. With all of our clients, message and logic come first, slides second. In this case, slides never take a turn.

Two of the companies 154 Consulting worked with prior to the FinovateStartup09 conference, Silver Tail Systems and Simplifi , were among the four best of show winners.

Silver Tail's blog about the award kindly mentions 154.

For companies presenting at Finovate2009 in September, please see our description of the services you can access through our partnership.