Presentation Consulting Services

Big presentations can make a big difference. We’ve helped clients prepare to present at the World Economic Forum, make sales presentations to major clients, put together corporate retreats, and turn what they know into marketable seminars.

Our Presentation Consulting services help ensure every presentation a client gives has the impact they're looking for.

But we're different than most of the firms that call themselves presentation consultants.

A lot of them are speech coaches, who will help with your public speaking skills or provide media training. Others are graphic designers, who can fill your slides with flash animation.

And we do both help you present better and offer good design.

But what we help with most is hammering out a compelling argument that makes your case, pulling together your strongest evidence and helping you assess what will work for your audience. Once that's done, we'll help you build slides, handouts, and leave behind documents that help you drive that argument home - with a healthy dose of graphic design - and we'll help you learn how to learn those slides as well.

One of our former Presentation Consulting clients said, "[154] is a smart, insightful thought-partner who helped me realize the most salient points of my argument and shaped the way I present them. Working with 154 was an extremely valuable process."

To learn more contact us or call: 1-888-743-1221 extension 1.