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No longer accepting new clients

As of January 24, 2011, 154 Consulting is no longer accepting clients. To reach either of our principals or any of our contractors (some of whom continue to offer project work in design), please email

Partnering with Finovate for Finovate Fall 2010

We are once again pleased to partner with the team at Finovate for the Finovate Fall 2010 event.

John Fishback, head of our financial services product group, will be providing reviews and coaching for each of the companies demoing at the event.

If you are a participating company and have not yet scheduled a session, please reach out to John directly and soon. There are very few time slots remaining. Guest post #2: How to do a Great Demo: Ask for Something

John's new guest post for Finovate is live.

This post talks about closing an effective demo, and looks at how well BrightScope's Ryan Alford used his conclusion at Finovate 2009 in New York. Guest post #1: How to do a Great Demo: Differentiate Early

We're late to post this, but John's first guest blog entry for has been live at their site for several weeks.

John reviews GoSimplifi's best-in-show-winning 2009 Finovate Startup demo, focusing on how effectively CEO Bryan Link differentiated his company in the demo's introduction. Guest Column

As a part of our partnership with the Finovate family of conferences, John, the head of our financial services product group, will be writing a series of guest posts on the blog.

The posts will analyze videos of Finovate demos to offer both insights on the products being demoed and helpful suggestions for those developing similar demos.

Announcing our Financial Services Product Group

I am very pleased to announce the launch of 154 Consulting's Financial Services Product Group.

This new group within 154 Consulting will combine our message development and presentation advice services with financial services industry experience and a few new tools to help financial services companies, startups, and vendors develop and market their products in ways that speak clearly to customers' needs.

Preparing for Finovate2009

154 Consulting is looking forward to participating in Finovate2009.

You can find an explanation of our partnership with Finovate here.

If you are presenting a demo at the conference, you can find more detail about the services Finovate has arranged for us to provide here.


It's been a long week here at 154 Consulting. We faced an unwelcome attack on our website. We've recovered, but rather than simply putting our old site back up, we've pulled forward a site redesign we had planned for Fall 2009. We appreciate your patience with us as we relaunch the site, and in particular thank those of you who are revisiting our blog. We will be reposting many, but not all, of our prior postings. Please update your RSS reader with our new feed.

With our thanks, it's back to business. As always, please feel free to contact us at

Presentation Diagnostics

No one is helped by diagnostic tools that funnel you to one “right” answer and serve only to suggest that you need to purchase expensive consulting services.

Instead, we offer these questions as a way to help you assess whether your presentations, the presentations you hear from your direct reports, and your offsite meetings/retreats are serving you well.

If you don’t like your answers to these questions, 154 Consulting would be happy to help you make some changes. Email us at for more information.

Assessing Your Own Presentations

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