Client Spotlight: Clarence Center Volunteer Fire Company

When Continental Airlines flight 3407 crashed in their community, the Clarence Center Volunteer Fire Company responded quickly and performed admirably under immense pressure. They have been invited to share their experience at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis in order to help other fire companies prepare for disaster response.

Structuring a sales presentation

154 recently offered the following advice to a sales team that wanted to build a presentation internally. I thought it might be useful to share here.

Most presentations answer the following questions, in approximately this order:

1) Who are you?
2) What do you do?
3) Do you understand my business?
4) What are the answers to my problems?

Client Spotlight: Denise Lee Yohn

We have been very lucky to recently wrap up a project with Denise Lee Yohn, who partners with her client firms to help close the gap between brand promise and business execution (see note below).
Working with Denise was not only a pleasure, it also provided us with lots to think about. Her work suggests that a company's brand cannot be separated from the day to day work of the employees of the company - and that ensuring that there's no gap between the two is what makes for successful brands.

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